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The perfect spot to a better workplace.

We are

Expedition42 came to fruition in 2019 with the aspiration
to give HR professionals and CEOs superpowers through
meaningful quality insights, services & products!
These abilities will help you improve organisational
wellbeing and achieve business success.

Every organisation has its own unique needs and challenges,
and through our caring approach we are set up to help you
overcome barriers and fulfill your business goals.

Knowledge is Power.

We help HR professionals and CEOs throughout the employee lifecycle, from start to finish.

Our sense of belonging.

In Quest.

Our Purpose

To improve individual and organisational wellbeing and to have a measurable positive impact on the world of work.

Our Vision

We see a world where people are excited to go to work. Driven by our passion for meaningful connections and effective digital solutions, never settling for the status quo but evolving through time, we aim to change organisational wellbeing forever.

Our Values

I am Curious

We're experts in our field and have a thirst for knowledge. Always striving to improve, adapt and grow. We welcome those who are keen and committed to learning.

I am Authentic

We are who we claim to be—no exceptions. We deliver what we promise, are genuine and respectful to ourselves and others. We do what is right for all our clients and colleagues.

I am Courageous

We're a bold company filled with individuals who are not afraid to challenge the status quo. We speak the truth (respectfully), even if that means not being the most likeable person in the room.

I am Impactful

We are most powerful when we work as a team. We set ambitious goals focused on growth and, together, provide workable solutions to achieve maximum value.

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